Reduce your Insurance Premium with Site Specific Manual Handling Training

Reduce your Insurance Premium with Site Specific Manual Handling Training

Reduce your Insurance Premium with Site Specific Manual Handling Training

An increasing number of Insurance companies are now requesting Site Specific Manual Handling. But what is Site Specific Manual Handling? Unlike a 2-hour classroom course that requires participants to demonstrate lifting a box, site specific manual handling takes place at a company’s site or premises.

The benefit of this is:

  1. the training can be tailored to suit the business activities,
  2. risk assessments can be completed for lifts that are frequently performed in the workplace
  3. participants can practice safely lifting loads in the workplace environment and

Manual Handling Courses and Insurance

Manual handling injuries were the most common cause of workplace accidents in 2019, representing almost a third (29%) of all non-fatal accidents reported to the Health and Safety Authority. Because of this Insurance companies, while calculating insurance premiums, take manual handling training into account. Site-specific manual handling training covers both basic training and job specific training, 2 HSA requirements. This will mitigate many of the manual handling risks associated with the workplace and in turn will reduce a company’s insurance premium.

Through site specific manual handling training, employers provide a safer work environment for their employees, resulting in fewer workplace accidents. However, in the event of a work-related injury claim, having provided site specific Manual Handling training will significantly reduce any potential pay-out as this demonstrates that the Company is fulfilling their duty of care as an employer

According to RDJ Solicitors’ Insurance Claims Management Presentation,

“When it comes to preventing accidents and ultimately defending claims of this nature, training is the single most important weapon in an employer’s armoury.” and “Training should be job-specific and on the job preferably.”

Benefits of Site Specific Manual Handling Training

In addition to saving on insurance premiums, your on-site training will provide other benefits:

  1. Reduce operational disruption and time lost
  2. Flexible delivery times and dates, you choose what works for you
  3. Tailored to your workplace, with an emphasis on the practical elements
  4. Reduced risk & increased legal protection
  5. Delivered nationwide


Benefits of site specific manual handling

Tailored to your specific workplace activities

Perhaps your business involves particular manual handling tasks that are awkward in size or shape, or repetitive in nature. Or maybe the load weight is at the upper end of the safe scale. This may involve using lifting aids or techniques to ensure the safety of both the employee and the load.

If your business activities involve a range of non-standard lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or moving, Site Specific Manual Handling Training is recommended.

Delivered On-Site for Maximum Effectiveness

We deliver these training sessions on client’s premises with the equipment and loads on site and in the environment that employees encounter every day. While manual handling theory is an important element of the course, the practical implementation and demonstration of safe Manual Handling techniques are the skills that employees take away from the course and implement in their everyday.

A Typical Site Specific Manual Handling Course Will Include:

  • Manual Handling Theory
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe Manual Handling Techniques
  • Site Specific tasks and lifting methods
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Employee participation and practice
  • Lifting and theory assessments

Your Site Specific Manual Handling Course

At National Training Solutions, we believe in creating effective, engaging and purposeful courses. Our site-specific manual handling courses ensure employee training is of the highest quality and helps business meet their duty of care as an employer.

Our training team are happy to answer any questions about site specific manual handling that you might have. Contact us today to start your journey to a safer workplace.

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