Online Safepass Training


From Feb 2023, those who have expiring Safe Pass cards have a choice for renewal between in-class training or taking an online exam in a proctored(monitored) test centre.

With just 45 minutes to complete 50 questions & no tutor assistance, the online exam won’t be the right fit for everyone.                                                               

So, which option is best for you?...                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Online Exam

  • Register for a SOLAS online account
  • Book Exam & pay fee €93.84. If you fail 1st exam you can re-book another exam through SOLAS for a resit fee of €29.84.
  • Revise & take Proctored Exam at a Pearson test centre with no tutors present.
  • 45 Minute exam with 50 multiple choice questions – 45 correct to pass or 90%
  • 4-6 Hours of self-directed study in advance of exam. Revision materials are available on the SOLAS website. They cover 12 sections with the following topics in each section:
    • Learning Packs (12-17 pages in each)
    • Legislative Acts (up to 120 pages per section)
    • Toolbox Talks
    • Tutorials
    • Case Studies

Failure rate is high for those who aren’t familiar with the legislation in their day to day.

The 12 sections:

  1. Legislation & Site Safety
  2. Introduction to Risk Assessment
  3. Risk Assessment for Electricity
  4. Risk Assessment for Excavations
  5. Risk Assessment for Heights
  6. Personal Health & Welfare
  7. Noise & Vibrations
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Site Accident Reporting
  10. Site Safety & Construction Equipment
  11. Site Safety & Construction Vehicles
  12. Behaviour Based Safety & Additional Information
  13. and then 45 minute exam in your chosen test centre

50 multiple choice questions; you must score 45/50 to pass or 90%

Tutor Led In Class Training

  • Booked directly with NTS or other traditional classroom training provider (click here for next available dates)
  • 1 day training in class with Safe Pass tutor who can interact with participants and help prompt & guide them throughout the day.
  • No pre-course self directed learning required
  • No Solas account set up – just book directly with us
  • Pass rate 99.99% - out of 4,000 students trained in 2022 just 7 failed the exam.

That’s the breakdown. So who is Online Safe Pass most suited to?

  • Those who have completed Safe Pass multiple times and know the materials inside and out and have a firm understanding of the relevant legislative acts
  • Individuals who enjoy self directed learning and won’t require assistance from a tutor on the day

Who is tutor-led classroom most suited to?

  • Participants who feel more comfortable in a face to face environment where they can benefit from the guidance and assistance of a tutor
  • Individuals who aren’t familiar with the legislative Acts or don’t use them in their day to day – this area of the exam causes a high failure rate with the online exam
  • Those who made need assistance with technology
  • Non-Native English speakers