COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting


C19 Cleaning

This course has been designed to provide guidance on the cleaning and disinfecting of premises to reduce the spread of the virus in workplaces and community facilities. Ensure customers and employees have peace of mind entering any premises, that your premises has been hygienically cleaned and disinfected. This course is designed for non-healthcare facilities such as schools, offices, childcare centres, retail shops, businesses, restaurants, bars and community facilities.

Course Outline

  • How to clean & disinfect

  • Developing Procedures to keep you compliant with the "Return to Work Protocols"

  • Cleaning and disinfecting after an individual suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 have been in the premises

  • Personal Protective Equipment and hand hygiene

  • Additional Considerations for Employers

  • Helpful Resources

Additional Information
Employers are expected to educate their staff and those carrying out cleaning activities on the protocols and guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting during COVID-19. This must also include the protocols for cleaning and disinfecting if a situation arises where either a suspected or confirmed case has been in the premises.