Confined Space Training

Working in confined spaces can be extremely hazardous and different to normal work environments. In addition to having less space, confined spaces are liable to have additional hazards such as gases, dust, hygienic issues among others. Proper training is vital for those working in confined spaces and there are legal requirements for employers to adhere to. 

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Is this course for those who inspect Confined Spaces?

No, that is the Confined Space Awareness Course which we also offer. This course is for those who work in confined spaces. Visit the page here

Confined Space Training is done in two separate courses depending on the needs and the type of work being carried out. 

Low and Medium Risk Confined Space Training

Our low and medium risk confined space training is a 1-day course which is done in a classroom setting.

High Risk Confined Space Training

Our high risk confined space training is done at the customer/employer's own site. This approach ensures that all types of hazard and risk specific to the work site will be covered. This results in more specific training which means employees will be better equipped in their work. This is usually done as a 2-day course. 

Confined Space Course Aims and Objectives

Our Confined Space course is for those who work in confined spaces. 

Our 1 or 2 Day Courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of confined space rescue including the wearing of Escape Breathing Apparatus, Full Breathing Apparatus and Airline Breathing Apparatus.

Confined Space Course Programme:

1 DAY - Low and Medium Risk Confined Spaces 

  • Confined spaces – Definition & Identifying hazards
  • Awareness of Hazardous Atmospheres, Access Equipment and Escape Sets. 
  • Safe work practices & procedures
  • Emergency planning – Rescue procedures
  • Gas detection equipment & Hygiene Control
  • Guide to Legislation & Regulations Acts 

2 DAY - High Risk Confined Spaces

As this is a tailored course, the specific programme may vary but participants will be taught the elements necessary for working in their site.

  • Use of Full Working & Airline Breathing Apparatus
  • Respirator Rates & Working Duration of SCBA
  • Working Breathing Apparatus and Practial Applicant.
  • Additional Airline Breathing Apparatus- if requested. 

Training Methods:

  • A power-point presentation supplemented with videos
  • Interactive problem solving & case studies throughout
  • Personal issue of equipment & instructions
  • Exercise takes place in CFS Simulator.

Who Should Attend

  • Those whose work involves entry into confined spaces
  • Supervisors, managers, etc who wish to understand working in confined spaces

Additional Information:

  • Maximum of 10 learners
  • 1 Day & 2 Day Courses offered. 
  • Certificate of Competency will be given to all learners who successfully complete this course which is valid for 3 years. 

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Price on application. We can also offer group discounts.

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FAQ - Confined Space Training

What are the legal requirements with regard to confined space entry?

(Quoted from the HSA site) The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Confined Spaces) Regulations 2001 cover all work in relation to confined spaces.

Regulation 5 states that:

  • A person shall not carry out work in Confined Spaces if it is reasonably practical that it could be avoided
  • If the work must be carried out Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment must be carried out prior to the work commencing
  • A person shall not enter a confined space unless there is a system of work in place that has been planned, organised, performed and maintained so as to render that work safe and without risk to health
  • Anyone entering a confined space must be provided with appropriate information, training and instruction appropriate to the particular characteristics of the proposed work activities