Epi-Pen and Inhaler Training

This virtual instructor led workshop is ideal for teachers, administrators, carers and other school personnel to help you understand the correct way to use adrenaline injectors and inhalers so you can remain calm & assist quickly & effectively in the event of an emergency

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Aims and Objectives

  • To empower teachers, carers and other personnel with knowledge of the signs, symptoms & causes of anaphylaxis
  • Demonstrate correct use of adrenaline injectors and inhalers
  • Identify ways to reduce risks and create an allergy aware school/facility
  • Respond appropriately in emergency situations

This 2 hour workshop is delivered virtually through Zoom.

FAQ - Epi-Pen & Inhaler Training

Who is this course for?

Teachers, administrators, carers and other school personnel as well as those who work with or around children, such as sports coaches.

Can Epi-Pen and Inhaler Training be done as an Online Course?

Yes, we offer this training as an online course through Zoom. Being informed of the risks, needs and appropriate response is vital when dealing with anaphylaxis. 

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