Novice Teleporter Course – non CSCS

Novice Teleporter Training Course

Teleporter Course Aim:

The aim of this 2-day Novice Teleporter course is to equip learners with the skills, knowledge & understanding to safely operate a Teleporter

Teleporter Course Objectives:

On completion of this course the learners will be:

  • Aware of the current Health & Safety Legislation as it applies to safe operation of a Teleporter
  • Able to safely operate a Teleporter - under supervision
  • Aware of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005

Teleporter Course Programme:

  • Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Employers & Employees legal duties under current Health & Safety Legislation
  • Safe Use of a Teleporter
  • Site Safety

Training Methods:

Classroom based presentation on power-point. Learners will be given some practical experience operating a Teleporter under the supervision & direction of our highly experienced instructor

Who Should Attend?

Those employees who are want to learn how to operate or be in control of a Teleporter under supervision of a qualified/experienced Teleporter Handler.

Additional Information:

  • An NTS certification of attendance will be awarded to those who successfully complete & pass this course, upon completion learners should be operate under supervision of a qualified CSCS Teleporter Operator to gain experience.
  • Once Learner has 6 months experience done, they then can go forward to the qualified CSCS Experienced Teleporter Handler Course.
  • Learners must have an up-to-date Safe Pass Card & their own PPE (e.g. Safety Footwear etc….) driver’s licence also on the day

NOTE: You MUST have transport to do this course as the training site is 8km from our centre.

FAQs - Novice Teleporter Course – non CSCS

Is this a CSCS Teleporter course?

No, this is not a course for a CSCS license. When you complete this course and gain 6 months of experience operating a teleporter, you can then apply for a CSCS assessment to gain the SOLAS CSCS Identity Card & QQI certification.

What is this novice teleporter course for?

With this course you will learn the skills to operate a teleporter and will be allowed to work on sites under supervision of someone with a SOLAS CSCS Identity Card & QQI certification.

Do you offer a CSCS Teleporter course?

Yes, you can find our CSCS Teleporter course here