Pesticide Boom Sprayer

  Course Objectivessprayman

  • Prepare applicator for work and ensure the correct application rate.
  • Use product labels to determine approved uses and potential hazards.
  • Carry out daily and routine applicator maintenance.
  • Carry out correct procedure to clean PPE and applicator.
  • Understand a method of calibration.

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Course Content 

  • Inspect and prepare applicator.
  • Operating applicator.
  • Cleaning & storage.
  • Calibration, mixing, measuring.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Completing the application record.

Who is the course designed for?

The course is designed for all those involved in operating boom mounted sprayers.  

Training takes place in the classroom, plus outdoor environment for practical activity.  

Endorsement can be one of the following:

  • A Hydraulic nozzle type/Rotary atomiser type - boom (excluding pedestrian controlled machines.
  • C Twin fluid nozzle type - boom (excluding pedestrial controlled machines).
  • D Electro-statically charged type.
  • E Horizontal Boom Sprayers fitted with downward air assistance.
  • F Frame or Boom type Wick Applicators.
  • AR Vehicle Mounted Kerb Sprayers - hydraulic nozzle type/rotary atomiser type.
  • ST Spray Trains - hydraulic nozzle and rotary atomiser types.


Safe Use of Pesticides PA1, trained in operating the 'Prime Mover" (e.g. tractor or ATV).


1 day training + 2.5 hour assessment on a separate day.

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